On the Smart Buy Gal message board, we have been trying to have some type of a craft tutorial each week, typically at 1 pm EST on Thursdays.  We try to cover a variety of topics, and if there is something you'd like to see us do a tutorial on, visit this topic on the message board and let us know what you'd like to see.

Here is a link to a video and written tutorial on doing text on a path (ie circle) from our message board tutorials, courtesy of Cleversomeday: Text On A Path

Here is a quick video on how to cut and layer vinyl, again from our message board tutorials, courtesy of Denise:
Layering Vinyl

Here is a great tutorial courtesy of Leslie on how to make a lollipop/candy bouquet:  Candy Bouquet Tutorial


Here is the info on how I do text in a circle:

1. In Microsoft Word, choose "insert", "picture", "word art". Then I choose one of the top options where the words are curved at an arch.
2. Type what you want the top curve to say. Hit enter a couple times and type what you want the bottom curve to say. Click okay.
3. Then on your document, click on the text and another box pops up. Click on the slanted looking A (WordArt Shape), and choose the one that looks like a circle with a horizontal line dividing it (if you mouse over it says Button (Curve)). That should put your text into a circle. You can stretch the circle to make it rounder and get your "look" you want. You will adjust the size of the overall circle in SCAL so it doesn't need to be really big in Word.
4. When you have it the way you want it, do a print screen. On my computer I have to hold down the "Alt" key and the "print screen" key to do this.
5. Then I open my photo editing program. I use Paint Shop Pro. Paste ("control" + "v" keys) the word art there.  Crop the image as close to your design as you can get.  You can make the image larger or smaller then as needed.  Then go up to "save as" and name it what you want and make sure to save it as a jpg.
6. Open SCAL2 and import your jpg. You can now manipulate your circle of text!